Sunday, December 4, 2011

Energy Saving Ideas

With Christmas just around the corner, who couldn’t use a little extra money?

Here are a few tips to not only help you save money but, to save energy around your home:

1. Turn down your water heater, it can be lowered to 120° F. Not only will this save energy and money, but it will be safer for your family.

2. If not using appliances and electronics, faithfully unplug them. Also, consider using a power strip so you will only have one switch to turn off.

3. Lower your thermostat when away from home and at night. Be sure not to go lower than 55°F when away on vacation, you don’t want your pipes to freeze!

4. Seal around windows and doors to prevent air leaks (drafts).

5. Change your air filter at least every 3 months (for more information refer to "Here are a few easy tips to get your home ready for winter").

6. Replace light bulbs in your high usage areas with Energy Star CFL bulbs.

7. Add extra insulation in the attic to reduce both heating and cooling expenses.

If you are planning on building a new home, Jake Hulet Construction can help you become more energy efficient from day one! Whether that is by choosing Low-E Energy Star windows or installing a 90% efficient furnace, Jake Hulet Construction can meet your needs!

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