Thursday, November 10, 2011

Building a new home-part 2

With the paper work complete (building permit issued) and with the home positioned to your liking, the construction begins!

Step 1: Excavation
Excavation includes clearing your lot of debris, digging your footings and compacting the soil where your home will be built

Step 2: Foundation
Your foundation consists of pouring concrete footings, basement walls and a floor slab. Following this concrete work, the outside foundation walls are waterproofed and backfilling (moving dirt back around the outside of your foundation walls and compacting the soil) begins.

Step 3: Framing
Your framing will begin with the floor followed by the walls. Once your walls are complete, trusses are set and your home begins to take shape!

Step 4: Rough-In
Rough-In is a construction term that refers to the installation of your, plumbing, electrical, heating and air conditioning, central vacuum, alarm system and audio visual. Once this is complete, we will be ready for the Four Way Inspection from the city or county inspector. Once we have passed, insulation is installed.

Step 5:Roofing, Drywall and Paint
First, your roof will be prepped for the installation of shingles or tiles. Drywall will be hung, taped, and textured. Next, your walls and ceilings will be painted.
Step 6: Exterior Finishes
We are now ready to complete the outside of your home! Once your roof is installed, stucco, siding, rocks or bricks will be placed on your exterior walls. Next, your concrete driveways, porches, and walks are poured.

At this point, you typically only have 4-6 weeks until you can move in!

Step 7: Interior Finishes
There are many interior finishes that will make your house a home. We start by hanging your interior doors followed by baseboards, door casing, window seals, and closet shelving. The painters will return to finish painting all doors and trim work. Next, your handrail will be installed and your flooring will be laid.. Plumbing fixtures will then be set, cabinets will be installed followed by your countertops. Finishing touches (light fixtures, door knobs, mirrors, shower doors) complete your interior.

Step 8: Final Inspection
At this point, you have made it through the difficult part and we will be ready for our Final Occupancy Inspection by the city or county building inspector. Once we have received your certificate of occupancy, we will walk through your home together and do any final touch-ups.

Your brand new home is now complete and ready to move in!

We know you will enjoy your new home built by Jake Hulet Construction.

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