Sunday, November 6, 2011

Building a new home-part 1

Are you considering building your first home, dream home, or settling into a place for retirement? It can be overwhelming. Here are a few guidelines that can help make this process go smoothly:

1. Meet with me - Contact Jake @ 435-590-9565 or email jakehulet@hotmail. He can discuss your options and guide you throughout the process to make it simpler and stress free.

2. Arrange financing - Meet with at least two lenders. Ask for Good Faith Estimates so you will know how much you can afford and what your monthly payments will be.

3. Purchase land if not already owned- Location is very important when looking for a lot. Consider the neighborhood. Will it meet your needs now and in the future? Think about the style of home you would like. Will it fit into the zoning requirements and limitations? Is there a Home Owner Association? Consider how the home will sit on the lot.Which direction will your driveways and porches face? Are you planning on watching sunsets on your covered porch? Look at the soil. Would excavation cost a lot, would materials need to be hauled in or soil need to be hauled off?

4. Style of home - Next, look through our many plans. You may want to meet with an architect, a draftsman, or purchase plans online. What features are important to you? What special needs do you have? How much room do you need? Do you have children or plan on having children? Do you need a home office? At this time you may want to meet with an interior decorator.

5. Review your selections - Jake will review your plans and discuss what your needs for a home are. He will provide you with a home price and a cost breakdown including all allowances. If the price fits in your budget and you make an agreement, Jake will review your plans with you and make sure he has answered all your questions before construction begins.

6. Begin the project- A building permit is paid and all beginning building requirements are met. Jake will meet with you at the job site and lay out the home to make sure its position is how you want it and it meets all required setbacks. Next begins the fun! (We will post the process of building an actual home at a later time.)

7. Close/ Move in- When your home is complete we will do a walk through and make a list of anything that needs touching up. We are sure you will enjoy your beautiful new home!

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