Friday, October 28, 2011

Maintain and protect your concrete by following these 8 easy steps:

Proper maintenance of your concrete is important and can greatly extend the life and beauty.
Maintain and protect your concrete driveways, walks and patios by following these 8 easy tips:

1. Keep your concrete clean by sweeping off dirt and debris.
2. Use a power washer to thoroughly clean your concrete.
3. Once your cement is at least 30 days old, apply a sealer to keep water out and prevent stains.
4. Remove snow and ice immediately.
5. When removing snow and ice from your cement, be careful not to scratch or chip the surface.
6. When ice builds up on your concrete, try to avoid using salt and some snow melt products. This may cause the surface of your concrete to flake off.

7. When landscaping, be sure to keep water away from the driveway. You don't want water collecting under your cement which may cause it to sink. 
8. Remember, cement is strong but heavy machinery may be too much!

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