Monday, October 24, 2011

Bathroom Countertop Options

The perfect bathroom countertops is one of the things you will choose for your bathroom remodel. Unlike the kitchen,  bathroom countertops do not need to be as functional. For example, cultured marble makes a great countertop in the bathroom, but would not be as practical for the kitchen countertop. Here are a few things to consider:
1. Selection- There is many different colors, sizes, and types of material.
2. Style- It can be cut in many different angles, patterns.
3. Durable- It is scratch and stain resistant.
4. Price- If you have a cracked or chipped tile it is easy and inexpensive to replace.
5. Upgrade- Tile is considered an upgrade.

1. Uneven- Surfaces are uneven where the grout line meets the tile.
2. Sealing- Grout needs to be sealed and could be harder to clean. We suggest using a bigger tile for less grout lines to clean.
3. Crack- Tiles will crack or chip if something hard is dropped on them.

1. Beautiful- Looks elegant.
2. Unique- Since granite is a natural stone, each slab is different. You have a one of a kind countertop.
3. Durable-It is scratch resistant and holds up well to heat. It should last a lifetime with proper maintenance and care.
4. Resale Value-  It will add more value to your home.
5. Price- Granite has greatly decreased in price. When looking for a bathroom countertop look for a remnant, smaller pieces of granite can work well.

1. Porous- It can stain.
2. Sealing- Granite needs to be resealed more often then other surfaces.
3. Price- It can be the most expensive option for your counter tops.

1. Price- Very affordable.
2. Shiny- Usually shinny which gives an attractive appearance.
3. Sinks- Sink and countertops are made of one continuous piece which makes it good to clean.
4. Durable-Typically doesn’t damage easily.
5. Cleaning- Easy to clean.

1. Shiny-Darker colors don’t always hold the shine.
2. Durable-The top coat doesn’t seam as strong.
3. Appearance- Marble may look less expensive than other solid surfaces.

1. Price- It is less expensive option for bathroom countertops.
2. Clean- Laminate is easy to clean and maintain.
3. Selection- There is a huge selection of colors.
4. Available- It is readily available.
5. Durable- It is dent and chip resistant.


1. Durable- Hot items can burn it and it can scratch.
2. Stain- Laminate can stain.
3. Repair- It is hard to repair if damaged.

All these products are great to use in your next bathroom remodel. Remember to choose the countertop that works best for you and your family.  Here are a few pictures of bathroom countertops showing different materials that we have used. Which do you prefer?


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