Wednesday, December 14, 2011

DIY Holiday Wreath

One of the great things about wreaths is that they are not just for hanging on your front door. You can decorate windows, fireplaces, and mirrors with them. You can hang them around your indoor and outdoor light fixtures or anywhere else in your home.

Here is my attempt at a holiday wreath:

Supplies you will need

  • 20" green garland wreath (I got mine for $2.48)
  • Extra fir branches
  • Wired floral picks
  • 2" silver-ball ornaments
  • 6 smaller silver-ball ornaments
  • 1 silver star ornament
  • Wire (preferably green or the color of your wreath)
  • Hot glue (and lots of it)

First, wire the extra fir branches into the garland. This will give the wreath interesting textures, a variety of colors, and makes the arrangement look fuller.

Second, space the largest silver-ball ornaments around the garland and glue them on the wreath.

Third, add the largest floral picks and then the smaller floral picks around the entire wreath. To secure them use floral wire.

Fourth, glue the small silver-ball ornaments in between the larger decorations on the wreath.

Lastly, add the Silver Star.

Not only was this wreath super easy and fast to make, but it cost less than $6.00. It’s an inexpensive way to make your home more beautiful for the holidays.
Hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season with the ones you love!


  1. where did you get all your stuff for that price?
    I love it and would love to make one.

  2. Leslie- I got everything at Walmart. It was just less than $6.00. Very cheap and easy to make. Have fun and let me know if you have any more questions :)Sandy